Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Procedures

How do the two compare?

Why Are More Men Going Through Cosmetic Procedures?

Not long ago, in a time most of us can still remember, cosmetic procedures were a women’s world. Men would would only go as far as using some hair products, and even then only the most simple of things. But things have changed.

More and more creams, lotions, beard oils, hair conditioners are targeting men and men only. All cosmetic brands have a “for men” range and taking care of yourself became a much more manly thing. Men do actually care about their appearance on a whole other level. And cosmetic surgical procedures are the next big thing.

The most common of all procedures is probably belly fat removal. This is usual the biggest concern amongst men, and one of the hardest ones of fighting through exercise, so no wonder it became such a popular surgery. One process is called CoolSculpting where belly fat is literally frozen and then naturally eliminated by the body.

Hair transplants are obviously the second most popular procedure. With baldness being a very common issue amongst males, more and more men are getting treatments before even getting actually bald. These procedures are so advanced today, that a completely bald man can be given a new head full of hair in very little time and make it seem like never happened.

When it comes to more “aggressive” changes, chin implants, nose jobs, ears pinned back, breast reduction, and facelifts are all getting more and more common.

The trend is here to stay and with technology evolving and prices of procedures being reduced, cosmetic surgeries amongst men will soon no longer be a taboo anywhere.